Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guardian Angels Collection

We would like to introduce you to one of the wonderful and talented friends of Domus X and The Seraph.

Photographer- Shari Melillo

We have just brought in this inspirational photography of Angels which are taken from many sources throughout New England.

 Talented and creative are just two of the words that  describe Shari Melillo. 

Entrepreneur, designer, and photographer, Shari's new passion are her “Silent Guardians”. 

 We were so taken with the magical quality of these framed pieces that we bought several and have them in stock. (Prices range from $60. to $130. ea.)

We are using them in nurseries and childrens’rooms for their peaceful protective feeling.  Guest bedrooms also add  a welcoming and special  sentiment.

 Where could you use  a “ Silent Guardian”?

Most of her photos are 8 x 10's  in 12 x 14 frames

and some frames are as large as 18 x 20

We are hoping that  Sherry will be joining us  in September for our month long celebration of our 30 years in business.  She will also be showing her  Designer Witch hats just in time for October. 

 Keep posted  for our listing of events and special guests the month of September
New Artwork, new upholstery, and accessories have been added to Domus. 
Domus  store two will be opening in the next week or two and has a whole new bend on fresh and modern looks.  Please stop by and see our new store and the newly formed clearance area.  We look forward to seeing you.
Alex &  Staff

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