Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our French Wine Barrel Chandeliers

8 Arm Wine Barrel Chandelier  52h x 40d   $1750.

3 Arm Wine Barrel Wall Sconce32h x 26w x 16d   $500. 

6 Arm Wine Barrel Chandelier  44h x 39d   $1485.

  The 8 Arm Round/Sphere Wine Barrel Chandelier   $1300.

 12 Arm  2-Tier Wine Barrel Chandelier 58h x 38d   $1985.
3-arm Wall Sconce hanging in our showroom...
Close up of aging on the arm and chocolate colored sleeve.

The 12 Arm and the 8 Arm haning in our showroom.


  1. It looks so gorgeous and elegant. It adds a sense of natural wood to your home. Perfect for your living room, dining or any room at home.