Friday, December 10, 2010

Unwrapping Some Great New Chairs

Just wanted to share some great new french chairs that just came in for Domus. 
Here is a shot taken of them after we took them off the truck. They are large and solid in size. Nice chunky carved wood legs. Upholstered in an organic grey and beige cotton fabric. Wood is hand carved, distressed and aged. 

As you can see they are generously sized with a nice comfy deep seat.

The rolled arm measures 46"H x 27"D x 23"L
(Seat Depth is 18" and 21" Wide)

and the bergere measures 48"H x 33"D x 32"L
(Seat Depth is 24" and 26" Wide)

Close up of the arm chair's foot.

Beautiful !
Click here to learn more about the Bergere chair from

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings

To you , our valued friends and clients.  Of course we are most grateful for all those things we are accustomed to acknowledging, never trite and always true.  We would like to add a few things.  We are so grateful for being born in The greatest country in the world, the tenacity to keep it intact, and for the enthusiasm we still have for life and what we do.  May you also discover new blessings to fill your hearts.   
Alex, Mike, Molly and the whole Seraph & Domus X Crew

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tudor Hill Happenings November 2010

We Have Just returned from our semi annual buying trip for the shops.  It was difficult leaving at this time since we are at a crucial point in the completion of our new home.

It is at this point of the construction when all of the aesthetics are being completed that you should be on top of every detail.  I have to say that we were gone for about 10 days, and to our delight, all of the work that was done is perfect, and every bit lived up to our expectations.
The caliber of craftsmen that are on the sight are just the very best.  

Kitchen Dining Area
Mike Zordan, our master plasterer, as usual did wonderful work.
(Eugene Zordan & Sons of Torrington, CT)

Mounting some sconces on plaster

Dave working in conjunction with Joe Hipsky, and Ken Crooks the landscaper, have executed the changes to the front of they home, has made a huge difference, and I am so glad that I pursued the changes, even though I was told hey could not be done. 

 I have some really great additional plans to finally realize the entrance as a courtyard. Tomorrow, Jay Camasse will be delivering 10' concrete posts so that the entrance fence going to the read courtyard area can be completed.  George Diaz, a wonderful blacksmith, whom we have worked with on other projects is restoring the antique fencing I purchased and we will be marrying that with the posts.  It should be a wonderful effect.  The way I approach a design project, is that you should have a skeleton model, but also allow yourself the freedom to make wonderful creative changes as you go along. I know that this flies in the face of conventional building and certainly architectural drawings, but it is the way I like to design and build.  The end result is much more creative, much like a great sculpture.

Now on to the interior. Judd and Justin Dana of J. Dana Design, who also work with us on great kitchens,bathrooms and custom furniture, as you know are doing most of the finish work. 

 While we were gone they have executed two of the most beautiful staircases and much of the trim work left on the job.
They are very close to completing their end of the job.  I know that the photos do not show the superb work, but I can assure you, that I am a pain when it comes to workmanship and detail and I am thrilled with how they have interpreted my design.

They are a dream to work with and fine, fine craftsman, along with their father, Jeff.  I know everyone wants to know when it will be complete.  Actually, I do not know.  I was hoping for a Christmas in the house, which could still happen, at least we can get some furnishings and a tree in, but after almost three years, what's a few more weeks or months.  I hope you enjoy these updated photos, and I will keep you posted on our progress.
Best,  Alex, Mike & Molly

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall 2010 - Alex's Update on Tudor Hill

Hello loyal followers,
 I know you must think we have given up on our new home. Never fear, we have marched onward and hang on to your hats, there are many things to share.

 It seemed that we had nothing new to write about for many weeks, then all of a sudden we realized a lot of progress was being made, but it happened simultaneously. So attached are many new photos and I am hoping that there will be more updates closer together.

The new stone wall in front of the house is in midstream and will be a wonderful addition to making the front age considerably and create a courtyard.

 Our hope is to make the front of the house to be more country manor
in appearance and I can see that emerging.

All the electric on the exterior has been run and the lampposts are set. Lanterns go in this week.

The most progress is in the landscaping.

 We have some walls left to build but all of the gardens are planned and all the cobble has been set in place.

Andrea is shown aging some of the exterior walls.

The plasterer will be here in a week or two and my wonderful faux artist, Andrea is back on the job on Tuesday to age all of the interior walls that have just been installed. We should start finishing the unfinished furniture soon.

On the interior, the Dana Family from J. Dana Designs have been working their magic.

You will notice the Tudor paneling going up the grand staircase is almost complete and the library wall, which is a Tudor castle library, benches included, is an interpretation of that wall.

You may not be aware, but Jeff Dana and Sons have joined us here at The Seraph and Domus. We are so happy to have them on board. They are quite talented and they can tackle any wood working challenge.

 From wonderfully creative kitchens and baths to mill work and custom furniture. Just a small example of their talents is exhibited in my closet area. We have designed a very malleable and ingenious system that is affordable and can be used in almost any space. We use it both in my closet room and Mikes'.

The chandeliers are hung for the dining area in the Solarium.  


You can see Mike and I have already made a fire out on the Solarium. 

Two weeks ago the granite counter tops were installed and last week the kitchen and
 bathroom cabinets were installed.

Honed granite counter top on the island.

Kitchen Dining Area.

The Butlers Pantry is coming along.

We converted this stone bowl into a sink for the Butlers Pantry.

A garden urn with a vessel sink is installed.

Gate door to wine cellar.

Progress in the Wine Cellar.

Shelving system down in the Larder.

  Mikes' "Man room" has it's fireplace installed and his desk. So he should be toasty warm in his little corner of the cellar.

Skylight in Master Bath.

Fire place in alcove of the shower.
This week we will purchase all of the tile for the shower room. This room is truly amazing and I cannot wait to experience my first shower. It is my big "splash".

 The bathroom cabinets, which is again an interpretation of an Art Deco room. I designed it to have radius doors in Olive wood veneer.

We were lucky enough to have our passage doors made to match.

You see, we haven't been just sitting around. I have to admit I am not a hot weather fan and this summer has been a challenge for me to get down there and work.  I hope to enjoy cleaning and working on the home in much cooler conditions. I know I have promised things to move along before, but I do have a sense of a light at the end of the tunnel. I am hopeful that we will be eating turkey in the little dining room this year at Thanksgiving. Updates will come more regularly from here on out so keep checking.

 Molly can't wait to move her new bed into the new bedroom.

Still hopeful and loving it,
Alex, Mike and Molly