Sunday, May 15, 2011

Final Tweaking - Tudor Hill May 2011

Yes, It's been awhile, and no we are still not in the house.  We really do see a light at the end of the tunnel and if we do not have any unforeseen setbacks, we should be in by June.

Refrigerator and Range

There has been a lot of attention to detail  and that is so difficult to photograph.

Morning Light coming through kitchen windows.

Master bath vanity area with art deco biedermeir details

Lots of storage here. Notice entry to shower and gas fireplace

Gas fireplace shower entry area

Entry to walk-in shower

Tile work detail inside shower

Stairwell to guest quarters
True custom styling millwork by J Dana Designs 

  I have included some photos of the guest quarters that are almost completed.

The space has turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.  As we designed as we went along, so much attention was paid to the formal areas that we didn't give much thought to the guest areas. 
I am so delighted with the way in which we have created this wonderful little island, I have threatened to move into this space myself.

 I will be proud to share this space with friends and relatives.

Atrium dining area

We are starting to finish the furniture so that all of the items in the dining room blend and have that wonderful stripped aged wood finish  

Kevin Percy our decorative concrete craftsman will be back this week to refinish a couple of floors,

Master bedroom floor

 then on to deep cleaning and finish the wooden walls and trim 

Storage area near main entry doors.

and then MOVE IN after more than three years of dreaming.
We do have some more exterior  work to be done, but I am sure that this will go on for many years, tweaking until it is just perfect.  We will keep you posted. 
Best, Alex

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