Sunday, September 11, 2011


Almost four years since we began this odyssey, but finally transitioned from a work zone to a home.
We are expecting to have some professional photos up soon so please keep posted.
I will be adding the fountain and the planters and urns, which we hope will complete a warm and inviting entry to all of our guests.

Richard Harris is an artist with stone and he is creating the final touches on the entrance to the house by adding 24" of wall and a curved stairway.

Antique Bench
                       Here are some of the photos with furniture in place, but there is a lot of tweaking.


Butler's Pantry
Mike loves the new kitchen and the coffee machine.
kitchen Server
The real challenge is learning all the technical ends of running a home in the year 2011. Just learning how each TV operates, the dishwasher, (which is new for me), the stove, coffee machine, etc.,etc,.  
I am certainly not complaining, but it is a challenge for these two old dogs, learning all the new tricks.  It's different than picking up your TV and plugging it in, but we are slowly getting accustomed to our new digs and loving it more each day.

Kitchen Dining Area


Master Bath Shower
The shower is on my list of favorites, along with the music system.

Formal Dining Room


Door to Wine Cellar
Reclaimed Barn Board Walls in Wine Cellar

Mike's Office/Den
Gate to Patio and Gardens

Molly has found a new friend under the desk in the library.  We think she has found solace knowing there is another dog around. She loves concrete floors so much that she has given up on her beloved bed.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we will keep you posted of any future news on the project.

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  1. Cold, pretentious, bor-ing, a hodge podge mess with none of the charm of the English manor houses----in short, HIDEOUS "Mc Mansion"!